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Used Sellick Forklifts - Inventory Oregon top

Used Sellick Forklifts - Inventory Oregon

Sellick Forklifts are sold and serviced on a regular basis in each and every corner of North America. These types of machinery are also found overseas and the company has established a high quality, service-oriented dealer network to provide support.

Sellick has manufactured more than 4,000 machinery presently in use on the market. Furthermore, they have made attachments and lift trucks for many prestigious businesses like for example Kawasaki, John Deere, International Harvester and Kubota.

Sellick has a production place located in Harrow, Ontario, Oregon. This 70,000 square foot facility is located just thirty miles south of Detroit, Michigan. The plant cordially invites customers to stop by and visit the Sellick family and all of the committed employees and professionals who make, engineer and design their product lines.

Sellick will likely have a machinery that meets your needs, if your requirements include an outdoor lift truck. The Sellick group has designed and made its leading S-Series lift trucks. This particular model delivers total safety, and offers superior fork visibility, while maximizing operator comfort.

The spacious operator compartment was totally engineered to be a comfort zone for the operator. This cab has integrated ergonomically specialized features such as a coat hook, cup holder, fully adjustable suspension seat, tilt steering and easy to read gauges and indicator lights. Furthermore, the compartment of the driver is isolated and sits on rubber mounts which are engineered to dampen engine noise and vibration. The comfort zone access was also improved by removing obstructions, increasing the safety with steps on both sides of the lift truck and by widening the doorways.

The comfort zone provides maximum visibility for the driver. It is a safe and comfortable place that features a neutral safety start, backup alarm, retractable seatbelt and halogen backup lights and halogen work lights.

Sellicks S-Series forklifts provide low emissions, a 4-cylinder, direct injection, turbocharged, DieselMax EPA-compliant diesel engine which offers low noise. All units are available with 4-wheel drive as well.

All Sellick machinery come with a wider variety of forks, carriages and attachments. The S Series forklifts are outfitted with Sellick's SEE-THRU hi-visibility 3 stage or 2 stage mast assemblies. For these models, sideshifting also comes as a basic feature.

The company has made high quality rotating and hook carriages in combination with durable shafts. The available forks and attachments differ particularly so you have the option of modifying your S lift truck for your job application.

The SD80 model in Oregon is built by Sellick is a two wheel and four wheel drive lift truck. This model has a diesel powered engine and has the ability to lift a max weight...

The SD100 model in Oregon is manufactured by the company Sellick is a two wheel and four wheel drive lift truck. This version has a diesel powered engine and has the capacity to lift a...

The SD60 model in Oregon is built by Sellick is a two wheel and four wheel drive lift truck. This unit has a diesel powered engine and has the capacity to lift a max weight...

The Sellick SD40 in Oregon can be used in a variety of different environments . The SD40 is two wheel and four wheel drive with a straight boom that allows for a lifting capacity of...
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