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Used Skytrak Telehandler - Inventory Oregon top

Used Skytrak Telehandler - Inventory Oregon

Model 6036
SkyTrak's model 6036 telehandler is an all-wheel steer machine that provides a great blend of power and productivity able to deal with the toughest jobs. If you are trying to find an operator friendly telehandler that has the added versatility of a huge array of attachments and is really reliable, then the model 6036 is the perfect machinery for you. This particular unit provides a maximum lift of 36.1 inches or 11.0 meters and a maximum capacity of 6000 pounds or 2722 kg.

Model 6042
The 6042 model telehandler is an impressive machinery that offers a reliable and operator friendly unit. This SkyTrak designed model is an all-wheel machine that offers great productivity on the job. These units feature the exclusive Stabil-Trak system and an exceptional Cummins engine. The machinery provides a maximum lift of 11 inches or 12.78 m and a maximum capacity of 6000 pounds or 2722 kg. This particular model offers an unparalleled level of operator confidence.

Model 8042
The model 8042 offered by SkyTrak is an all-wheel telehandler that provides the Stabil-Trak system to improve operator confidence, and an impressive eight thousand pound capacity for heavy loads. The machinery has a huge capacity for many attachments to be able to complete a huge range of duties on the job. This particular model provides a maximum lift of 41 feet, 11 inches or 12.78 m and a maximum capacity of 3629 kg or 8000 pounds.

Model 10042
SkyTrak's model 10042 all-steer telehandler could handle the most difficult tasks, specially if you are dealing with extremely tough jobsites and harsh environments. This type of machine has a maximum capacity of 4536 kg or 10,000 pounds and a maximum lift of 42 feet, 1 inch or 12.83 meters. With this unique ability to handle up to 10,000 pounds and lift loads higher, this particular unit would offer you all of the performance and power you require.

Model 10054
SkyTrak's model 10054 telehandler provides a lift height of 53 feet, 2 inches and a lift capacity of 10,000 pound or 4536 kg. This specific SkyTrak model is an all-wheel steer telehandler to enable your output to extend higher than ever. Excellent maneuverability over rough terrain is offered by full time 4-wheel steer and 4-wheel drive. These models would complete the job efficiently and in a safe manner.

There is definitely a SkyTrak model available to meet your needs no matter what industry you are in or which kinds of applications you require to perform.

The four wheel drive Skytrak 6042 in Oregon is a diesel powered vehicle with an articulating boom that has a maximum lifting height of 42 ft. The 6042 can lift up to 6000 pounds.

The Skytrak 10042 in Oregon is a diesel powered four wheel drive lift truck. The maximum lifting capacity of this Skytrak unit is 10000 pounds and makes use of a straight boom, which has a...

The Skytrak 6036 in Oregon is ideally suited for a wide variety of tasks. The 6036 is four wheel drive with a straight boom that allows for a lifting height of 36 feet and a...

The model 8042 built by Skytrak is a four wheel drive lift truck in Oregon. This model has a diesel powered engine and has the capacity to lift a maximum of 8000 lbs up to...

Skytrak produced the 10054 Legacy model to have a lifting capacity of 10000 lbs in Oregon. With a straight boom that extends out 54 ft and a diesel powered engine, this model can be used...
Skytrak Zoom Boom
SkyTrak has 5 Zoom Boom units with different lift height, range capacity and reach capacity. You will be attaining new goals and turning corners on job performance day after day. These equipment would keep functioning...
Skytrak Telescopic Forklift
Cab Comfort SkyTrak has taken additional steps to enhance their overall cab comfort. They provide a big interior to provide more room for the operator and 3-way adjustable suspension seating. The axles experience increased agility...
Used Skytrak Telehandler - Inventory Oregon bottom left Used Skytrak Telehandler - Inventory Oregon bottom left