Stock Number: EQC013822
Make: Ottawa
Model: 50
Year: 2007

Stock Number: 206847
Make: Liftking
Model: LK20P44
Year: 2013

Stock Number: 232182
Make: WackerNeuson
Model: WK HI400HD D
Year: 2013

Stock Number: 2-18-UEATT-64
Make: Misc

Stock Number: 2-18-UEATT-58
Make: Misc
Model: MAST

Stock Number: 300350
Make: Hyundai
Model: 45L-7A
Year: 2016

Stock Number: 212565
Make: JLG
Model: 450AJ
Year: 2014

Stock Number: 208002
Make: Hyundai
Model: 110D-7A
Year: 2014

Stock Number: EQU006464
Make: CAT
Model: DP70
Year: 2007

Stock Number: EQC011111
Make: Genie
Model: GTH844
Year: 2012

Stock Number: 204592
Make: Mitsubishi
Model: FG25N-LP
Year: 2008

Stock Number: 267846
Make: Liftking
Model: LK12000
Year: 2003

Peiner Cranes

Peiner Cranes

Peiner USA Inc. offers a complete array of service for each item in our entire product line. Our services consist of the dependability of factory trained experts who provide an extensive knowledge for machining, assembly of the Peiner products, hydraulic repair, and fabrication of parts and structural components. We also provide a tour of our facilities when customers request a visit.

For over 28 years, we have been affiliated with SMAG Engineering and Manufacture Group/Peiner. In the past 12 years, the company has been under the name Peiner USA Inc. enabling us to continually provide a prompt response to any requirements and requests made by our customers. Like for example, any related request or spare parts for Peiner items are generally quoted back to the client within the very same day of the inquiry. We take pride in continually being able to provide all our clients with a prompt response.

Peiner Grabs

The Peiner brand under SMAG has become a global leader for grabs utilized to help load and unload on seagoing freighters. These grabs are capable of handling bulk items such as: gravel, scrap, sand, refuse, coal and agricultural commodities. The company also makes specialist slewing units for turning cargo into position as well as spreaders used for lifting containers. Peiner has a huge array of products to help clients achieve even the hardest material handling jobs.

Peiner provides numerous years of experience in tried and trusted manufacturing and development methods. All these abilities give Peiner equipment users both excellent machines and proven technology. Typically, spreaders and grabs are frequently utilized in ports and in ship terminals for loading and unloading seagoing cargo.

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