Stock Number:
Make: Hyundai
Model: 80D-7E
Year: 2013

Stock Number: UEC115
Make: Energic Plus
Model: TSS-D 24/120

Stock Number: 208387
Make: CAT
Model: GP50CN1-LE
Year: 2014

Stock Number: 2-18-UEATT-68
Make: Misc

Stock Number: EQU006529
Make: Ottawa
Model: 50
Year: 2009

Stock Number: 2-05-207082
Make: Hyundai
Model: 35L-7A
Year: 2013

Stock Number: 301431
Make: Capacity
Model: TJ7000
Year: 2005

Stock Number: EQU001421
Make: Mitsubishi
Model: FG25N-LE
Year: 2012

Stock Number: 2-16-600286
Make: Liebherr
Model: 35K
Year: 1990

Stock Number: EQU003892
Make: CAT
Model: 966G
Year: 2002

Stock Number: 1-16-600261
Make: Jekko
Model: SPX312
Year: 2017

Stock Number: 301406
Make: Capacity
Model: TJ7000
Year: 2004

Hyster Container Forklift

Hyster Container Forklift

Among Hysters main safety concerns is safety. It is why they offer many pieces of optional safety equipment that could be added to either the work place or the machine itself. Following the standards of OSHA, Hyster makes head and work lamps as well as both audible and visible warning devices.

The only warning device needed on the lift truck according to ASME B56.1 and OSHA regulations is the horn on the steering wheel. The horn is standard on all kinds of forklifts. Although forklifts are not required to have both visible or audible warning devices, there are some cases where optional warning devices might be appropriate. These factors are unique to each work site or work place and every condition should be considered individually.

Motion alarms or back-up alarms are the most common safety devices. The noise produced by these alarms are the main thing to take into consideration. To begin with, the audible device has to be distinguished from other noises within the work place and the sound has to be loud enough to be heard in the work site, even if other types of machines may be working. The ability for workers to hear alarms and determine where the sound is coming from can be compromised if workers wear hearing protection devices. If the alarms are too disruptive or offensive to workers, nearby houses, or nearby companies, alarms might need to be disabled. If sound should be disabled, this should be able to happen readily. Regulations also have to be followed to make sure that noise levels do not go beyond OSHA noise limits.

Visible safety devices may include the common strobe, rotating, or flashing lights. Factors to consider with visible safety devices include whether or not these devices may be more appropriate compared to audible devices. Workplace lighting, presence of reflective surfaces, and operator distraction are top priorities to consider to make certain that safety devices do not pose a danger to drivers or other employees and are effective. Safety light colours should be different from background surfaces and other lights that are within the work place. Safety device placement are very important. Lights should be able to clear any overhead obstacles. Placement of lights must not cause the lights to shine or reflect into the operator's eyes, but shielding of the lights should not excessively block the light's visibility to pedestrians.

To meet numerous application requirements, Hyster has a variety of optional lights which include weather-resistant LED and halogen lights. These lights could hold up through shock and vibration as well. When it comes to work lamps and head lamps, OSHA has set standards to make working in dark work areas or at night much safer. Directional lighting is needed if the lighting on the forklift produces less than 2 lumens per square foot. Hyster has numerous alternatives which will help increase visibility in low-light situations.

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